Not every attempted break in is successful. A thief may be put off by a security light, passers-by or a car pulling into the driveway. If you suspect your home has been a target, report it to the police as soon as possible and consider upgrading your security.


But how do you know if your home has had an attempted break in? Here’s five ways:

Your key won’t open the door

If your door key doesn’t work, it may mean your lock has been tampered with. If you have a broken lock replace it that day and check all other window and door locks for damage.

Window ajar

This may mean someone has checked the security of your windows to see how easily they can be opened. Beware. They may be planning to return on another day.  

Broken light bulbs

Broken light bulbs from a porch or sensor light is a sign that your home has been targeted. This makes it easier for a thief to enter your home without drawing attention to their actions, especially at night.

Your dog has escaped

A barking dog draws unwanted attention to a would-be thief. By letting a dog out of the yard, it gives a burglar the opportunity to enter your home without disturbance. If your dog has escaped from a locked yard, enter you premise with extra care.


Stickers or signs

If your home has a sticker or sign on the letterbox or wall, it can mean your home has been marked as an easy target. If this happens to you, check your home perimeter, cut back any branches, lock doors and windows, and secure your home every time you leave.

Although, making sure that your home is secure is important, the best way to deter thieves is to have a security system designed to suit your home. 

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