Access control systems are the most practical security system for all types of locations, homes, and offices. It is a security system that controls and monitors physical access to premises. It can be as simple as a lock on a door or as complex as an electronic system that monitors and records entries and exits.

The primary purpose of an access control system is to prevent unauthorized entry and monitor and track authorized entrances and exits. They can also control and limit access to certain areas or track the movement of people and assets within premises.

An access control system provides many benefits for businesses, including improved security, efficiency, and compliance.

Salto KS (Wireless)


  • User Friendly
  • Real time Audit Trail
  • Unlocking Doors anytime & anywhere
  • Tags or Phone

ICT WX (Full Hard-Wired System)


  • Reliable
  • Extremely customizable
  • Alarm integration
  • No Subscription

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