Today our suburb in focus is Brunswick, located inner city of Melbourne, Victoria. The city is a laid-back culturally diverse neighbourhood prominent with the young, alternative crowd and recognized for its local performances, upbeat clubs, and cocktail bars. According to the 2021 census, the current population of Brunswick is 24,896. 

If you are thinking of living in Brunswick, it would be a good idea for you to go through the crime stats. Better yet, make your home and workplace a safer place by speaking to a Brunswick locksmith.


Living In A Safe Suburb

Brunswick is a safe area. The alternative crowd, low key pubs, and culture make it an exceptionally tranquil place to live in. 

If you have a taste for good beer and exceptional coffee, Brunswick is the right place for you. Music admirers and art hoarders never get tired as well. If you check all of these boxes, Brunswick is waiting for you.

Brunswick Locksmiths provides us with the latest crime stats. 

Stats are provided by the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria and show the crime rates for our suburb in focus, Brunswick for 2022. 

Brunswick Crime Stats 2022

  1. Theft – 1052
  2. Deception – 139
  3. Burglary/ Break and Enter – 194
  4. Breaches of Justice Orders – 156
  5. Property Damage – 176


Compared to the previous year we’ve reviewed before 2018 Crime Stats for Brunswick:

  1. Theft – 1156
  2. Deception – 125
  3. Burglary/ Break and Enter – 222
  4. Breaches of Justice Orders – 120
  5. Property Damage – 217

The crimes in Brunswick mostly contain bicycle thefts, motor vehicle theft, or benefit by deception. After the Covid hit, Brunswick has become considerably safer than it was before. The crime rates have dropped dramatically in recent months. New people are coming in and making Brunswick a better place to reside in. 

Locksmith In Brunswick 

Having access to a locksmith in Brunswick will give you a sense of security and a restful mind. Whether you are at a coffee shop or a club, knowing that your house is safe and secure will be the least of your worries. 

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