Talkback radio 3AW recently reported that CCTV (closed-circuit TV) is on the rise in Melbourne suburbs.

As domestic and commercial locksmiths in Melbourne, we are often asked about the installation of cameras – not only as a deterrent for potential burglars – but also as a way to keep a record of the happenings in the street.


You may be an avid online shopper and you’d like to keep an eye on your parcel deliveries while you’re at work. Or you may live on a particularly busy road and your car has been side-swiped or clipped by a passing driver. Maybe some wayward youths are destroying some of your property frontage – whatever your reason, the installation of cameras is a good way to have a visual record of what is happening around your Melbourne business or home.

Gone are the days when security cameras required a team of people sitting in a facility monitoring many different screens. These days you can view the footage at your convenience from your phone.

Tips from Commercial Locksmiths in Melbourne

  1. Position Your Camera Correctly and Ensure its Secured

The trick to great camera security is to install multiple cameras in a variety of high traffic areas. Installing only one camera is an option but it will have a limited range and zoom.

Exterior cameras should be installed out of reach to passers-by and secured properly. Common places to install an exterior camera are:

  • Garage door
  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Rear or off-street windows
  • Side or back gate

If you’re installing indoor cameras, you’ll want to position them close to the ceiling or even out of sight if you’re worried about aesthetics.

  1. Find the Best Angle

The angle of the camera should also be considered, you don’t want it angled too high, so you miss the faces or the important details of the area you’re surveilling.

  1. Ensure Your Wi-Fi Signal is Strong Enough

Wireless cameras are a convenient option for both commercial and residential properties. If you’ve gone the wireless route – don’t forget to check your Wi-Fi signal. You want the signal to be able to relay clear high-definition footage to your phone and to stay connected to your home or business security system.

Advantages of Professional Installation by Amalgamated Locksmiths in Melbourne


Our professional and experienced locksmiths can help you map out the ideal layout for your security cameras and offer you advice on your specific situation. Amalgamated Locksmiths are able to ensure the cameras are securely installed with little damage to your walls and angled correctly so that they do their job properly.

If you own a commercial property and need a commercial locksmith in Melbourne, give us a call to book a free quote to secure your business today.

Likewise, if you’re a homeowner – our licenced domestic and mobile locksmiths offer a free on-site consultation to discuss your home security needs.

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