Brunswick Locksmith is pleased to provide you with the current crime stats for Brunswick East & Brunswick West and compare them to the stats from 2019 to see how these suburbs are faring in relation to the major crimes reported in these suburbs.

brunswick east & west crime stats

About Brunswick East And Brunswick West

Although they’re close in proximity to each other, Brunswick East and Brunswick West are two very different suburbs. While Brunswick East is undergoing a lot of urban development, Brunswick West is a much quieter and more relaxed suburb.

Brunswick East features a range of housing from modern apartments to renovated miner’s cottages. Lygon Street is the bustling hub of this suburb offering a diverse range of eateries from all the corners of the world. 

Conversely, Brunswick West has a great community vibe but is still only a tram ride from the CBD and other major attractions such as the Melbourne Zoo.

Crime Stats

As the premier locksmith in Brunswick, we are happy to provide you with the crime stats for Brunswick East & Brunswick West. These were collated by the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria and outline the crime rates for our suburbs in focus.

Types of CrimeBrunswick East Crime Stats 2023Brunswick East Crime Stats 2019
Burglary/ Break & Enter118115
Breaches of Justice Order4425
Property Damage6772


It appears that the crime rates in Brunswick East haven’t changed all that much in the past four years. The most notable difference is the drop in theft. This can most likely be attributed to better security systems being installed by businesses in this suburb.

Types of CrimeBrunswick West Crime Stats 2022Brunswick West Crime Stats 2019
Burglary/ Break & Enter8382
Breaches of Justice Order8036
Property Damage8258


While the crime stats haven’t changed a great deal for Brunswick West in the past 4 years, it’s quite concerning to see the rise in property damage, deception and breaches of justice orders.

This would indicate that residents and business owners in this suburb may need to look at updating their security systems to better protect their properties.

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If you live in either of these suburbs, understanding the crime stats for Brunswick East & Brunswick West is important so that you can better protect your home or business.

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