As your local Heidelberg locksmith, we want to keep you updated on the current crime stats and how they’ve changed over the past few years. By keeping up to date with these crime stats, our locksmith in Heidelberg can provide you with better advice on the type of security system that you might need to keep your home or business safe.

Heidelberg is a leafy suburb just 12 km northeast of the Melbourne CBD. Although the suburb is close to the city, it can feel like you’re miles away with the abundance of parklands and natural walking trails that can be found along the Yarra River.

There are a variety of people who call Heidelberg home. These include young families, older couples and young singles. This mix of residents makes for a pleasant and friendly community.

The main shopping strip is on Burgundy Street and here you can find essential shops such as multiple supermarkets and chemists. There are also plenty of cafes and restaurants as well as boutique clothing shops.

There’s also ample public transport with a train station on Studley Road. Plus, a public and a private hospital provide excellent healthcare for those who need it.

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Crime Stats

The current crime stats were provided to us by the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria. These outline the crime rates for Heidelberg, our suburb in focus.

Types of CrimeHeidelberg Crime Stats 2022Heidelberg Crime Stats 2019
Burglary/ Break & Enter77114
Breaches of Justice Order587816
Property Damage119107

As you can see from these stats, the incidences of robbery, burglary and deception have decreased over the last four years. However, the incidences of theft and property damage have increased slightly.

What this would indicate is that residents have become more security conscious and have utilised our residential locksmith in Heidelberg to upgrade their home security systems.

However, it appears overall that Heidelberg is a relatively safe suburb to live in as well as run a business in as long as you have a decent security system installed.

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