What are the Benefits of Door Closers?

Door closers are hydraulic devices that ensure a door closes behind you. If you’re the owner or manager of a commercial property or a retail property, it’s definitely worth looking at installing door closers if you haven’t already.


They are beneficial for fire control, privacy and environmental requirements. The benefits in a commercial building are:

  • Reduced energy bills – there won’t be any air-conditioned air loss due to a door left open
  • Improved Security – you can still have controlled keypad access to buildings, but the door will close automatically
  • Improved safety – if your door is purposely left open – it won’t slam shut in windy conditions because the door closer controls the closing
  • Ease of opening – most commercial properties have heavy doors, a hydraulic closer will make opening and closing a heavy door easier
  • Emergency Exit – in the case of an emergency door closer can be pushed open to allow for steady flow of people

Our Commercial Locksmiths Recommendations

Our locksmiths work with a variety of top brands. For high traffic commercial properties, we recommend Dorma – this is a premium quality range with products that offer solutions for all door situations. They are functional and consistent with our high-quality standards.

Other excellent product ranges that we offer for both commercial and residential properties are Lockwood and Ryobi. Speak to our locksmiths today for a free quote, or a discussion about the best security solutions for your property. We are happy to work with your budget and ensure you get top quality products.

What about Gate Security?

Gate security is often overlooked, and our Collingwood locksmiths recommend investing in a quality gate closer that functions consistently throughout the year, no matter what the weather. Our recommended brand is Locinox.

Amalgamated Locksmiths

If you’d like to discuss your property security, you can contact our commercial locksmiths. Our service areas include Collingwood, Fitzroy, Carlton, Brunswick, Richmond, Northcote, Abbotsford, Coburg, North Melbourne, Preston, South Melbourne, Melbourne CBD & Reservoir.