If you’ve received a quote for a locksmith service that’s really cheap and it sounds too good to be true, you can almost guarantee that you’re in for a locksmith scam.

The internet is filled with horror stories of people being scammed within the locksmith service industry and it pays to be aware of these locksmith scams so that you don’t fall victim yourself.

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Here Are 8 Things To Look Out For To Avoid Being Caught Up In A Locksmith Scam

1. Lots Of Targeted Advertising

If you’re constantly seeing ads, especially on your social media feeds, for a locksmith service in your area, you can usually assume that it’s a scam.

Scammers will spend a lot of money on ads that are targeted to people in certain areas. They’ll often post on Facebook pages, or other social sites, offering a locksmith service at very cheap rates.

2. There’s No Physical Address On The Website

A reputable locksmith will have their address listed on their website. But, scammers will often not have a physical address listed or they might even have a fake address that’s located in some remote region and nowhere near your home.

You want to look out for a business that has a physical shop front. This means that you can go and speak to someone face to face if something does go wrong and gives you complete peace of mind.

3. The Website Address Is Very Generic

Rather than a branded website address like ‘amlock.com.au’, you’ll see a very generic address like ‘locksmithsinMelbourne’ or simply ‘locksmithservice’. This should set off alarm bells immediately.

4. You Get Vague Answers To Your Questions When You Phone The Number

If you do happen to phone the number in one of these ads, you’ll be directed to a call centre where the person on the other end of the phone will only give you vague answers to your questions.

You’ll often find that you’ll be asked for your exact address and phone number before any questions will be answered. When you then ask about the price, you’ll get a vague response like “$45 and up”. What is not mentioned, is that this is usually only for the service call and the actual cost for the service will end up being much higher.

5. The Website Does Not List Any Industry Accreditations

Most reputable locksmiths are members of the Master Locksmiths Association and will proudly display this on their website. You’ll also find that reputable locksmiths in Melbourne will hold a Victoria Police Private Security Licence.

If you don’t see any accreditations on the website, beware because you’re probably looking at a scam site.

6. You Don’t See Any Reviews Or Testimonials On The Website

Reputable locksmiths understand that reviews and testimonials from happy customers are important. But, scammers will often not have these on their website. Or, they’ll have fake reviews that don’t lead to profiles of real people.

7. The Locksmith Looks Unprofessional

If you do happen to book in a service call, the supposed locksmith who turns up is usually not wearing a uniform and doesn’t have a vehicle with professional signwriting on it.

You’ll also find that the person will say that you have a high-security lock that’s going to be difficult to open and will need to be drilled. This will happen every single time one of these scammers is called out.

8. You’ll Be Issued With A High-Priced Invoice

If you agree to continue with the service after the initial unsuccessful attempt to unlock your door, you’ll end up with an invoice for an outrageous amount that you’ll need to pay upfront.

You’ll also find that the invoice will have no company contact details, no office address, no ABN and will even have the absence of GST added.

It’s important to be aware of these common scams so that you don’t fall prey to them and end up being hundreds of dollars out of pocket. You can find out more information about locksmith scams on the Master Locksmiths Association website.


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