Key safes are designed to protect keys and key cards. Key safes allow for spaces with multiple users to remain secure. Rather than all the users of a space, for example a community centre, having keys, users with access to the space are given a code to the key safe.

Kidde Key Safe SU1365

Holds up to 5 keys and attaches securely to the wall

DimensionsMountable Options

The Kidde Key Safe Pro is small and compact, designed to fit only a few keys and cards. It is 108mm tall, 83mm wide and 70mm deep. Its small dimensions make it easier for the Kidde Key Safe Pro to fit seamlessly into or above doors, walls, poles and vehicles.

The Kidde Key Safe Pro can be mounted on a wall using brackets. Alternatively, it can also be mounted flush in the wall or door, protected by a secure faceplate.

For automotive security, the Kidde Key Safe can be mounted on the underside of the chassis using brackets.

Double-walled, the Kidde Key Safe Pro is resistant to hammer attacks.

Kidde Key Safe Pro SU1267

Rust-proof, neat and compact – holds multiple keys, keys with large handles and access cards. It has a durable weather cover to prevent water intrusion.

DimensionsMountable Options

Designed to fit 2 keys, the slimline model is well-named, measure 97mm tall, 57mm wide and 42mm deep.

The Slimline 2 Key is available in white, clay and titanium colours.

Using self-tapping screws (included), the Slimline is easily mounted to any flat surface. Because of its size and light weight, the Slimline 2 Key Safe can also be hung like a padlock.

Abus Key Garage Safe KG797

The Abus Key Garage Safe is a neat way to store your house keys, car keys or other small items. It’s suitable for internal or covered areas.

DimensionsMountable Options

The Kidde C3 Key Safe measures 103mm tall, 84mm wide and 55mm deep. It fits up to 3 keys and is available in black and titanium colours.

The Kidde C3 Key Safe is portable and cannot be mounted. The padlock arm is lockable and can only be removed if the safe is open. When not required, the arm can be removed and the unit can act as a normal key safe above doors or windows.