Abus Padlock


  • The requirements of a padlock vary depending on the application. Discover the variety of padlock range in the field of padlocks. Whatever the requirements for your padlock Abus will find the right security solution. The padlock ranges are residential, Diskus, Monoblock, Combination, rekeyable padlock, weather rated padlock and many more.

Lockwood Padlock


  • Ranging from small residential letterbox locks to high security commercial marine grade lock’s Lockwood can provide your padlock solution. Lockwood padlock can also be ordered keyed to 003 fire department key or Victoria Power Industry key

Abloy High Security SCEC Approved Padlock


  • Abloy Padlocks operate reliably in most severe environments such as coastal locations and freezing conditions as they do not contain parts such as springs or pins that can jam.

Squire Combination Padlock


  • Squire offer a comprehensive range of recordable combination padlocks from luggages and lockers, to genuine high security padlocks for use in high risk areas like perimeter gates, storage areas and commercial vehicles.

Amalgamated Locksmiths

Amalgamated Locksmiths offer a range of padlocks for residential and commercial applications. On site or at our Collingwood store, our locksmiths can help you find the right padlock for your security needs. We can also key alike and rekey padlocks, and cut spare, master and restricted padlock keys in line with Australian standards.

Our locksmiths are happy to help with any of your padlock inquiries. Come in store today or contact us for a free on site quote. Our mobile locksmiths operate throughout the Melbourne metro area and will be able to address any and all of your domestic or commercial padlock concerns.

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