When your home security has been compromised, it’s not uncommon to want to increase the security of your home. Perhaps you’ve lost your keys, moved into a new rental or your home has been broken in to? These are all good reasons to update the locks to your home. So, do you rekey or replace your locks? And how do you know the difference?

Should you rekey or replace your locks?

If you’re not sure what the differences are between these two services, you may find yourself spending a lot more money than you need to. Rekeying a lock is the cheaper option of the two. A locksmith will replace the series of pins within the existing lock and provide a new key. You’re essentially changing the key and not the lock.

Replacing your locks, is changing the entire lock which costs substantially more as you’ll be charged for labour and parts. So, when do you need to rekey and when do you need to replace the locks?


When do you rekey?

These are situations that you can rekey your locks:

  • If you have been broken in to or lost keys
  • If you’ve recently moved into the home and not sure who has a copy of your keys
  • If you want all your locks to open with the same key.

When do you replace your locks?

The replacement of locks is an expensive activity, so before you decide to change your locks, ensure it is necessary. Here are a few reasons you might change the locks:

  • The locks are completely destroyed by a break in
  • The locks are old and faulty
  • You want a new design or look
  • If you want to upgrade your security such as electronic locks.

Ensure you’re getting the correct advice from your locksmith so you can make the best decision for your home security.


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