Located in the south of the central, business-oriented CBD, South Melbourne is among Australia’s most sought-after suburbs for residents. Notable for its football scene, with the South Melbourne FC fans letting the entire nation know of their passion for their successful team, South Melbourne is green, incredibly safe, and has an old-school charm with its collection of Victorian homes. 

The heart of the district is Clarendon Street, where all the trendy bars, cafes, and family restaurants are located. While crime, especially burglaries and break-ins is increasing exponentially in Melbourne with the droves of people coming into the city, South Melbourne is nowhere near the worst district when it comes to petty crime. 

Extremely Secure

The Covid-19 pandemic had a drastic impact on the crime statistics of Victoria as a whole. Increasing metrics of burglaries and violent crime came to a near standstill. The state records the lowest ever number of criminal offences in 2022 since 2014, per the released reports by the Crime Statistics Agency. 

South Melbourne Locksmiths provides us with the latest crime stats. 

Stats are provided by the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria and show the crime rates for our suburb in focus, South Melbourne for 2022. 

South Melbourne Crime Stats 2022

  1. Theft – 740
  2. Deception – 115
  3. Burglary/ Break and Enter – 166
  4. Breaches of Justice Orders – 177
  5. Property Damage – 107

Compared to the previous time 2019 when the Crime Stats for South Melbourne:

  1. Theft – 708
  2. Deception – 168
  3. Burglary/ Break and Enter – 178
  4. Breaches of Justice Orders – 148
  5. Property Damage – 110

Crime in South Melbourne- Over the Years

Our locksmith in South Melbourne takes into account your budget and the layout of your house to create a burglar-proof home. Using the latest technologies such as lock pads, fingerprint scanners, and efficient CCTV systems, our locksmith’s services grant you the confidence to leave your home secure. 

Staying Secure in South Melbourne

Keep the trend of decreasing burglaries (down by 6% at the end of 2022 in South Melbourne maintained by consulting a commercial locksmith to assist you with home security. 

The most common reason for break-ins in South Melbourne is leaving doors unlocked. There has also been an increase in keys being stolen, and break-ins reported soon after. 

Installing efficient lock systems through the help of a commercial locksmith, and getting a new lock system installed upon losing keys can help prevent the loss of jewellery, valuables,  cash, and even electrical appliances.