Locked out?

There are plenty of reasons people find themselves accidentally locked out – a broken key in the lock, a faulty or jammed door – and, if you’re a security conscious person, you may find getting back in to your house is trickier than you thought. A 24 hr locksmith is often the best bet in this situation. Sometimes it’s not your house you’re locked out of, it’s your safe or your car – an emergency locksmith is still the right person to call in these situations.


A 24 hr locksmith can usually fix the problem on the spot and if not they will work to solve the problem temporarily until a permanent solution is sorted out.

24 hr locksmith service

Our Collingwood based locksmiths provide emergency locksmith services that include:

  • Regaining entry to residential or commercial properties
  • Installing, repairing and rekeying all types of locks
  • Regaining entry to safes – opening, repairing and changing lock combinations
  • Replacing door keys

So if you’ve lost your keys, locked yourself out or recently moved houses – our professional and experienced locksmiths have the skills and equipment needed to replace, repair or re-key your locks to ensure your house or workplace is kept safe and secure.

Still unsure?         

If you find yourself in a difficult situation but you’re still uncertain about whether or not you need a locksmith, give us a call. We’ll be happy to listen to your problem and help you decide if we should dispatch our mobile/emergency locksmith. We can discuss the cost with you and work towards solving the situation. We are here to help and our personal service is what sets us apart.

Amalgamated Locksmiths Collingwood

Our 24 hr locksmiths are the best emergency locksmiths to call if you’re in the Melbourne metropolitan area. We are on-call and ready to help you solve your lock out emergency.