This month our suburb in focus is Fitzroy. If you’re living or working in Fitzroy then you’ll know that it is home to some lovely apartments and dining options. It’s a great multi-cultural inner-city suburb –singles, professionals, couples, students and hipsters – a variety ofinteresting people live and work in Fitzroy. Access to the city is easy via thetram system and there’s plenty to see and do in Fitzroy – from specialistbookshops, galleries, trendy cafes and restaurants, even the swimming pool is a good place to hang out. This is a suburb with a creative edge.

Like with any inner-city suburb, crime rates are something you should consider. Here are the latest crime stats for Fitzroy. We take our statistics from the Crime Statistics Agency Victoria (CSV), the official crimestatistics reporting agency in Victoria.

Top Five Offences in Fitzroy for 2018 are:

  1. Theft – 834
  2. Deception – 247
  3. Burglary/Break in – 219
  4. Assault and related offences – 194
  5. Disorderly and Offensive Conduct – 113

The top offence is theft. If we are to break theft down further,we can see that there were 126 reports of theft from a retail store and 111 bicycle thefts. The third offence, burglary and break-in, shows us that there were 98 cases of residential non-aggravated burglary and 93 reports of non-residentialburglary in Fitzroy.

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