Have you ever thought to change the locks to your home? It does come with its inconveniences, however, there are times when changing the locks or rekeying the cylinders to your home locks is necessary. Consider your recent activities – they may be aligned with the following five reasons you should change your locks, now!

You have recently been broken into

Having your house broken into is a scary prospect, however on a positive note, it’s a good time to rekey the cylinders on your home locks – this is a much cheaper option than replacing the locks. So why rekey after a break in? Because you want to increase the security to your home in case the intruder comes back and ensure that they don’t have a way back into your home.


You’ve moved house recently

Moving house is an exciting time however, keep in mind the previous owners or renters may still have a copy of your keys. Think about how many copies of your house keys may be out there and evaluate the risk involved in this. Sometimes it’s best to consider rekeying the cylinders to your locks then to trust the previous occupants.

You’ve lost your keys

Misplaced your keys? Or swear you put them in your bag but just can’t find them? Losing your house keys is the ultimate reason to make this change. You don’t want your keys to fall into the wrong hands, so be proactive so you can sleep easy.


You haven’t changed your locks in a long time

It’s been years, in fact, decades since you last changed your locks, right? This is the perfect time to upgrade, take advantage of new technology, or get some peace of mind in knowing your home is secure.

Your locks are old or malfunctioning

Locks that are old or malfunctioning make it easy for criminals to access your home. Older style homes don’t offer security like new homes and because of this, they can be a target. If you have locks that are old or not working properly think about what a simple exercise like changing your locks will do for your home security.

Unfortunately for malfunctioning or old locks you cannot rekey the cylinders, however it’s best to practice to replace the locks to prevent a break in.

Changing the locks or rekeying the cylinders to your home locks doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore. It’s an investment for your home and your personal safety and security.

Amalgamated Locksmiths

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No matter what your security needs are, our fully licensed locksmiths can offer a practical and budget-conscious solution. Contact us today!

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