Reservoir is Melbourne’s largest suburb, and with popular recreation areas and facilities, it draws a wide range of owners, tenants, and visitors to the area. Known for its diversity and multiculturalism, this homely suburb is only 12 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD. Reservoir has everything you need from shopping strips and a shopping centre to parks and weekend markets.

Our team of professional locksmiths frequently service Reservoir and today we’re looking at the latest Reservoir crime statistics provided by Crime Statistics Victoria.


The Latest Reservoir Crime Statistics in 2019

  1. Theft (1,290)
  2. Burglary/ breaking and entering (314)
  3. Deception (241)
  4. Assault (301)
  5. Property Damage (248)

These are the reported figures for Reservoir Crime Statistics in 2017

  1. Theft (1,395)
  2. Burglary/ breaking and entering (579)
  3. Deception (215)
  4. Assault (318)
  5. Property Damage (332)

Crime statistics as a whole for Reservoir have dropped in most categories over the last two years. Burglary and breaking and entering have significantly been reduced which especially good news considering the size of the area. Similarly, property damage has seen a decline in incidents.

Assault has had only a slight drop in numbers with theft in Reservoir reducing by 105 incidents since 2017. Deception is the only crime category which has risen over the past two years,

In a large suburb like Reservoir– there will always be opportunistic thieves, so it’s important to protect your property.

Amalgamated Locksmiths

Most property offences happen when you’re out of your home and as these figures indicate, it’s important to ensure your property is secure when you’re there as well as when you’re away.

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