A master key system is designed to control access within an office building. It allows only certain employee’s in or out of an office building, and restricts access to certain areas depending on the security level. So, why does every office need a master key system? It creates a safe and more secure office for all staff.

How does the master key system work?

A master key system provides the office with a series of keys including a single key that has full access to all areas of the building. The other keys are called ‘change keys’ which give access to certain areas within the building, yet not all areas. The installation and managing of the master key system is designed to make this complex system easy to implement and easy for all staff to use.


What is a restricted key system?

A restricted key system provides extra security to your office. The keys can only be installed and registered by a locksmith and cannot be duplicated by any other locksmith. This means only the locksmith who created the restricted key system can create a copy of keys. The result? An extra layer of security to the office.

Are there other added security controls?

All keys are numbered and colour-coded to suit the customer and their requirements for the system. A written and signed authority letter from an authorised person of your business is required for any extra security keys that may requested once the system is installed. They may also require photo identification when the keys are collected.

All restricted key system barrels are always pick and lock bumping resistant. They are identified with system and key issue numbers which makes it easy to keep track of the total amount of keys cut for your premises.

If you are interested in installing a master key system to your office, feel free to contact Amalgamated Locksmiths for a quote or consultation.

Amalgamated Locksmiths

Amalgamated Locksmith are experts in master key and restricted key systems. They use trusted brands such as Lockwood, Assa Abloy, Promaster and BiLock to ensure your office building and its employees are safe and secure.

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