Having a secure home is a top priority for most, however often there are other assets on your property that are prone to theft. Padlocks and padlock accessories can ensure your shed, gates and bikes are at a reduced risk of being targeted by thieves. So how can you implement these security measures to ensure they are safe and sound?

Use quality padlocks and padlock accessories to secure your shed

Securing your outdoor shed is important as it stores expensive items such as power tools and lawnmowers. So, ensure you replace old padlocks. If your shed door has weak locks or padbolts they can easily be broken into and the locks picked.

Hasp and Staples are security devices that can be installed on doors that close flush. With the right padlock, hasp staples can improve your sheds security and for an extra layer of security, fit them using non-visible screws. Ensure your tools are stored in locked toolboxes within the shed. Once an intruder is inside your shed, this will help as a further deterrent.

Ensure your shed and its contents is included in your property insurance.


Creating a secure gate

Use hinges and padbolts with one-ways screws and carriage bolts and use high security zinc-plated padbolts that are equipped with a latch cover. Make sure you couple your padbolt with the right padlock for extra security.

There are a variety of padlocks you may team with your padbolt. You may use a padlock with a standard key, combination lock, or a closed shackle lock.

You may opt for a mechanical keyless lock, electronic keyless lock, or a keyed latched lock. But consider the security you require, the cost involved, and if you need to modify the gate to suit the lock.

Here are a few other security options to consider:

  • Use motion-sensors at your gate
  • Hide valuables out of sight
  • Use fake gate security signs for security or beware dog
  • Get a dog

Padlocks and padlock accessories can keep your bike safe

Hardened security chains are the best padlock accessory to secure your bike against theft.

There are a range of chains and padlocks that provide enough protection to deter thieves from attempting to steal your bike. But remember you cannot rely purely on these devices. When securing your bike, consider the following:

  • Lock low and tight to the bike
  • Lock to a study solid object
  • Use more than one lock
  • Check your location if you’re not at home. Park your bike in a well-lit and busy location
  • Don’t leave accessories on your bike
  • Just like your shed, ensure your bike is insured

Amalgamated Locksmiths

Amalgamated Locksmiths offer a range of padlocks for residential applications and can help you find the right padlock for your security needs. We can also key alike and rekey padlocks, and cut spare, master and restricted padlock keys in line with Australian standards.  

Contact us today for a free on site quote. Our mobile locksmiths operate throughout the Melbourne metro area and will be able to address any and all of your domestic padlock concerns.