It’s hard to know where you stand when it comes to home security for renters. A lot of information out there is geared towards home owners, however, with 32 per cent of Australian’s renting, it’s important to know the best home security for renters. So, what can you do to ensure your rental is secure?


Start with research

Research the suburb before you decide to move. Moving into a suburb that has a high crime rate will make it that much harder for you to feel safe in your home. Look for a home that already has good security measures and visit at night to get an idea of the level of security at different times of the day.

You can find crime rates of several Melbourne suburbs on our blog. We review a different suburb each month!

Know your neighbours

Do you know your neighbours? Neighbours tend to be the first to notice any strange behaviour and the closer you are with your neighbour the more likely they’ll help you if you’re in need.

If you’re away, ask your neighbours to keep an eye on the property and report anything out of the ordinary.

Build a relationship with your landlord

Having a good relationship with your landlord or real estate agent goes a long way. It will make it easier to negotiate changes to the home such as additional locks, updating any faulty window locks or sensor lights to help you feel more secure.


Light your home

Keep your lights on when you’re out, add extra external lighting such as garden lights or battery operated wall lights. A well-lit home and garden will help to deter intruders.

Hide your valuables

Keep your valuable out of sight. Intruders may try to look through windows or glass doors to find valuables that are easy to grab. By storing away laptops, camera’s and expensive items, intruders are less likely to be successful.

Install a wireless home security for renters

A wireless security system means it’s simple to install with little damage to the home. If you have a good relationship with your landlord, you may even be able to convince them to split the cost.

The Yale Easy Fit Smart Phone Home Security System is a great way to be in control of your homes’ security from anywhere!


Add extra to security to doors and windows

Adding track rods to sliding doors and sliding windows are a great way to add extra security to your home without cost or changes to the home.

If your landlord allows it, adding deadlocks or bolts to doors can be another way to secure entry points.

Get rental insurance

Lastly, invest in rental insurance. This will cover you in the case of a robbery. Although it is a terrible thought to have your possessions taken, having insurance will give you peace of mind if it does happen.

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