Many of our clients in Collingwood and Fitzroy are now using their properties for AirBnB. Concerned with how to keep their homes secure, they come to us asking for simple, friendly and effective domestic security solutions.


AirBnB is an online service and mobile app that allows home owners to rent out rooms or entire properties for short-stay visitors.

Visitors are vetted by the website. Their identities have to be proven with drivers’ licences and passports. Even so, you are still letting a stranger into your house. With increased traffic flow comes increased risk.

With many of our clients living in prime tourist suburbs like Collingwood and Fitzroy, our domestic locksmiths are spending more and more time quoting and installing AirBnB security solutions.

Restricted Key Systems

A staple for our commercial clients, residential clients who let rooms through AirBnB full-time, part-time or only occasionally are installing restricted key systems.

Restricted key systems contain special blanks known only to the locksmith who made them. In order to copy a restricted key, the locksmith must first have the deed owner’s permission.

Restricted key systems are an excellent choice for AirBnB security. This subtle security measure puts hosts at ease as they know guests cannot copy the keys for later visits.

Electronic Digital Key Locks

Another popular alternative is to install a electronic digital key lock. A electronic digital key lock is an elegant solution to domestic or commercial properties for which a number of people have access.

Electronic digital locks allow you to program multiple codes at a time. Time limits can be set on the codes so that a guest will only have access to your property for the length of your stay.

A number of electronic systems track the uses of each lock. This means that should a security dilemma occur, the home owner will be able to see which code was used to open the door.

Doors are operated by either key, for the home owner, or code, for the guest.

Electronic digital key locks are also recommended for AirBnB hosts who may not be able to meet their guests. Rather than leaving a spare key for your guests to find, simply SMS them their unique, temporary code.


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