What Are Door Closers?

When you have a door that needs to close behind you, a good idea is to install a door closer.

Door closers are mechanisms often found at the top of doors that stop them from slamming. But they do more than that!

Some doors, like emergency and fire exit doors, need to shut again behind you. A door closer allows this to happen. Most commonly found on fire doors, door closers slow down the spread of smoke and fire by keeping doors closed.


Door Closers Aren’t Just For Security

Security flyscreen doors also often have door closers. This is not so much about security. Keeping a security flyscreen door closed is what keeps the flies out.

The door closers on security flyscreen doors often allow you to keep the door open too, for when you are moving in or out, or otherwise have high levels of traffic passing through the doorway.


What Else Are Door Closers For?

Closers can also dampen the closing of the door – they stop them from being slammed. Not only will this help protect the lock over time, it will also keep the peace as the loud banging of doors is cut to a minimum.


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