Suburb in Focus: Carlton

Every month, we have been posting about crime rates in our most frequented suburbs. So far, we have discussed Collingwood, Fitzroy, Abbotsford, South MelbourneNorthcote and North Melbourne.

Today we bring you the 2016-2017 crime stats for Carlton.

The Top 5 Crimes committed in Carlton this past year were:

  1. Theft (1,291 cases)
  2. Burglary/ Break and enter (289 cases)
  3. Deception (195 cases)
  4. Property damage (147 cases)
  5. Assault (141 cases)

Crimes Against the Person

All five crimes against the person (assault and related offences; robbery; stalking, harassment and threatening behaviour; dangerous and negligent acts endangering people; and other crimes against the person) have dropped after last year’s spike.
Last year’s stats for crimes against the person were the highest they have been since Crime Statistics Victoria started reporting them in 2013. This year’s were the second highest with a total of 240 of these offences, compared to 2016’s 270 and 2014’s 235.

Property and Deception

Property and deception offences are where we come in. Securing your property against burglary and theft is our business.

Theft in Carlton went up by 30% this year. This report, ending April 2017, is the first to have annual theft offences go over 1,000 in Carlton.

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How We Can Help

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Our Services

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