My Car Fob Has Stopped Responding

Your car fob is the remote control you use to lock your car and activate its alarm. It is one of the small security devices you probably don’t think about very often. Usually, you will only think about your car fob when it stops working. We’re here to tell you what to do when that happens and what it may mean.

What to do: then and there

Most cars will let you get around an unresponsive fob. Simply inserting the key into the driver’s door should turn off the alarm and unlock the door. More modern cars, such as those with keyless ignition, may be more difficult.

Some keyless cars aren’t keyless at all. A number of push-start vehicles contain a hidden emergency key in their fobs. Check to see if yours has. This will allow you to get in, start your car and get back home.

If neither solution works, you can call us! Our automotive locksmiths will come to you and restore your access to your car. Whether you’ve been locked out of your car or your lock has broken, our automotive locksmiths can perform a range of services on location to help you in an automotive locksmith emergency.

Car Fobs Run on Batteries

Most often, the reason your car remote has stopped working is because its battery needs replacing. This is the simplest, most frequent and easiest-to-fix problem. Cars are yet to develop rechargeable fob technology. Right now, most keyless ignition vehicles and practically all remote central locking devices run on small batteries similar to the kind in watches. Over time, these batteries fade. A locksmith or watch repair service can fix this by simply opening up the fob, checking the battery life and replacing if necessary.

Car Fobs: other damage

If you have had your car fob for a number of years, its rubber button may have eroded or the casing may be damaged. If the device has gotten wet, it may also have stopped working. Most car fobs are replaceable. Should yours be damaged, or should you simply want an upgrade, our automotive locksmith can talk to you about replacing and reprogramming your car fob.

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