What You Can Do To Secure Your Garage

Garages store some of your most expensive possessions, not least your car. Some of us keep whitegoods in our garage, and for almost everyone we’ve ever met, the garage has ended up as a secondary storage place for sport equipment, bikes, Christmas Trees, power tools and so on. They are a burglar’s cornucopia. And what’s more, garage security is often neglected.

Yes, we’ve written on front door locks, side door security, back doors and windows. But what about the largest door of all? Garage doors. This week, we asked our locksmiths about roller door security and how our clients can secure their garages from break-ins.

Firstly, keep your garage door closed

Keep it secret, keep it safe. Don’t show your stuff to the neighbourhood. Garage doors that are left open all day expose your possessions to the world. Keeping the door closed helps hide what you have. Burglars are more likely to take what they can see, so don’t show them. What’s more, garage door locks can only work when the garage door is closed!


Don’t neglect your garage windows

We’ve written previously about not leaving your valuables on display from the window, or visible from the street. This is just as true for garages. Consider frosted windows, and make sure they’re kept locked. Garage doors and windows are usually opened for ventilation, but they’re so easily forgotten about and left unlocked and wide open. An easy solution is to ask our mobile locksmiths about installing window restrictors.

Lock the door between the garage and your home

Once a burglar has access to your garage, it doesn’t mean they have to have access to the rest of your home. Have a deadlatch or electronic lock installed on the door between your garage and the rest of your home.

Keep your garage door remote secure

Your garage door remote is just like any other key, so keep is secure and make sure you have a spare cut before you need it! Bring your garage door remote in to our locksmith store in Collingwood and we will be able to program you a spare one.

Amalgamated Locksmiths’ Garage Door Break In Protection

At Amalgamated Locksmiths’ HQ in Collingwood, we program and sell garage door remotes. Our mobile locksmiths also sell, repair and install roller door security protection. Our garage door security services include:

  • Garage door remotes
  • Tramjak security bolt
  • Xtra Lok roller door anchor
  • Acorn Lock multi roller

Door Anchors

The Xtra Lok Roller Door Anchor is usually used for roller doors that aren’t opened every day. When locked, the Xtra Lok Roller Door Anchor keeps the roller door fastened to the ground. The door then is closed, locked from the inside, and can only be opened when the anchor is manually taken off.

When not in use, the Xtra Lock Roller Door Anchor sits low enough to the ground not to be an issue for cars entering and exiting your garage.

Our commercial locksmiths often install Xtra Lok Roller Door Anchors on storage lockers, sheds, and for roller doors that are infrequently used. A number of residential clients interested in increasing their home security, especially before going on holiday, ask our mobile locksmiths to install them as well.shed-boss-amalgamated-locksmiths

Roller Door Security Locks

We sell, repair and install a number of roller door security mechanisms, including the Acorn Lock Multi Roller and Tramjak Security Bolt.

For all your residential, commercial, automotive and emergency locksmith services in Melbourne, for free on-site quotes and to improve your garage door security, contact Amalgamated Locksmiths today.