Melbourne has a strong bike-riding community that shows no signs of slowing down. More and more people are turning to the greener, healthier alternative of bike-riding to work, friends’ houses and to the market. As such, more and more bike paths are popping up, especially in Melbourne’s inner north. Our favourite is the Merri Creek trail that connects Fitzroy North to Coburg, through Northcote and Brunswick.


But more bikes also means more bike thefts. The Herald Sun recently published an article saying suburbs like Northcote, Preston and Coburg, were bike theft hotspots. And with more and more Melbournians riding e-bikes, bike thefts are more expensive than ever. So this week, we asked our locksmiths for their tips on how to protect your bike from theft.

Bike Security Tips

  1. Have a high-quality, good bike chain

Know how to wrap the chain properly, through the bar and wheels, securing anything that can easily be removed.

  1. Lock it to something that cannot be easily removed or cut

Use the high-quality chain to fasten your bike to something that cannot easily be removed or cut. If this is a street sign, make sure the pole is stuck in the ground and cannot just be lifted up! Make sure, too, not to accidentally fasten your bike to somebody else’s. At best, this is inconsiderate, and at worst, they’ll take your bike with them.

  1. Make sure you can keep an eye on your bike

Don’t lock your bike somewhere where there’s very little foot traffic, or anywhere too dark or hidden from view. Like with residential security, the longer crooks have to steal from you, the more likely they will. We’ve written previously on the security benefits of good street lighting and lots of foot traffic. Try to lock your bike somewhere highly visible, with lots of people. If you’re at a restaurant or cafe, try to lock it somewhere visible from the window.

  1. Take with you anything that can be removed

Helmets, lights, bells, these things can be expensive, or just plain frustrating, to replace. If they can’t be securely fastened to your bike, consider taking them with you.

  1. Secure your bike, even at home

At home, don’t leave your bike out the front or visible from the window. Keep your bike inside and not readily visible from the street, possibly in your garage. If you store your bike in a communal garage or bike cage, lock it up again using your chain. If you’re keeping your bike in your back yard or on your balcony, make sure your access points are secure, and consider locking your bike up again even there.

  1. Make your bike identifiable

Etch in your name and phone number into the frame, record your bike’s serial number and make sure you’ve taken photos of it to help identify your bike should it be stolen. If you have lost your bike, these three things will make it easier to identify on sites like BikeVault.


For More Bike Security Tips

Vic Police have also put together some tips for bike security. They can be found here.

And for more security advice, or for a free on-site quote for all your residential or commercial security, contact Amalgamated Locksmiths today.