A few weeks ago, we told you that Melbourne is growing. By 2030, the City of Melbourne, the LGA stretching from Docklands to North Melbourne, is expected to double in population size. This growth gives architects and urban planners an exciting challenge. With a focus on Urban Forestry, the city is dedicated to creating green, attractive buildings, with stunning architecture and state-of-the-art public spaces. Every day, we’re reading news about these new spaces, such as this one, with more on the way.


But what goes into a new building? And what, exactly, makes a public space state-of-the-art? Well, we believe an elegant security system is a must. A complete security solution, at its heart, is elegant and easy, giving access to those who need it, and denying it to those who don’t.

Amalgamated Locksmiths work with body corporates, building owners and designers. We work with them to match their needs. We design security strategies that work as a part of the building, that are intuitive, simple and neat.

So this week, we asked our locksmiths in North Melbourne to talk us through some of our most popular apartment security products.

Door Closers

Door closers are the unsung hero of all apartment buildings. A key requirement for fire regulations, door closers can slow the spread of smoke and flame. They’re great for pool gates and doors that must remain closed when not in use too. In short, door closers are a regulation must-have. But apartment-dwellers owe more than they know to door closers. Door closers stop doors from slamming. Silent hallways? Enough said!

Electronic Security

Keycards have been a staple of hotel security for decades. Now, more body corporates are installing digital door locks for all their apartments. Electronic security is becoming the norm for new builds, both residential and commercial. Digital door locks are easy to use, with great potential benefits for AirBnB, multi-user systems, and home deliveries. We’ve written quite a bit about electronic security, so read some of our other posts to find out more!



A classic. And always useful. Amalgamated Locksmiths sell a number of padlocks, depending on your needs. We have padlocks for lockers, perimeter use, meter boxes and more. For all your padlock sales in Melbourne, contact us today.

Panic Bars

Panic bars are a requirement for fire and emergency exit security. Deadlatched, they allow emergency exits to be opened from the inside quickly and easily, while remaining secure from the outside. Our North Melbourne locksmiths fit and service panic bars in cafes, restaurants, offices, public spaces, storefronts, and apartment blocks.

Amalgamated Locksmiths in North Melbourne


These are only four of our apartment security products. Amalgamated Locksmiths provide total apartment security solutions. For more information, or to organise a free on-site quote, contact us today. And while you’re here, why not read some of our other blogs? Published weekly, we have posts on all manner of Melbourne locksmith issues, from garage door security to bike locks, and more business security tips.