Home to Melbourne’s Little Italy, and some excellent cafes, restaurants and clothing store, Carlton is a popular inner-city suburb. Its hustle, bustle and proximity to three of Melbourne’s university also makes Carlton a popular destination for uni students and first-time renters. Our mobile locksmiths in Carlton work on residential, automotive and commercial security solutions. We provide free on site quotes and emergency locksmith services in Carlton.


lygon-st-carlton-locksmith-1024x683Every month, we look at the crime rates in Melbourne’s most popular suburbs. Our mobile locksmiths work throughout Melbourne’s inner and northern suburbs, and so we like to look at how the crime rates in these suburbs, particularly in relation to theft, burglary and property damage, is changing. We started the series last year and we are now going back around, seeing how crime has dropped in Carlton.

Last year:

This is the second year we’ve been reporting on the crime rates in Carlton. We take our statistics from the official reporting body, Crime Statistics Victoria. When we published last year’s Suburb in Focus: Carlton, the 2016 crime stats were:

  1. Theft (1,291 cases)
  2. Burglary/ Break and enter (289 cases)
  3. Deception (195 cases)
  4. Property damage (147 cases)
  5. Assault (141 cases)

Since then, the CSV have updated their report, and the reported offences for Carlton, 2016, now read:

  1. Theft (1,357)
  2. Burglary / B&E (328)
  3. Deception (202)
  4. Property Damage ( 184)
  5. Assaut (159)

So how do these statistics compare the the latest?

The Latest Statistics are for Crimes in Carlton in 2017. The top five reported offences were:

  1. Theft (808)
  2. Burglary/ B&E (211)
  3. Deception (176)
  4. Assault (146)
  5. Property Damage (124)

All five offences have gone down from 2016 to 2017!

Theft, Burglary and Property Damage

Theft, the #1 offence report has dropped the most, from over 1,300 to just over 800. Burglary, the second most prevalent offence both years, has dropped by approximately third, as has Property Damage.

These three are the three offences most relating to property. They are the three good quality locks and security systems can best protect against. If you’re concerned about your home or business security, contact Amalgamated Locksmiths today. Our mobile locksmiths will work with you to develop a total security package that addresses your needs.

Amalgamated Locksmiths Carlton

We’re thrilled to see the crime rates drop in Carlton. As locksmiths, safety is our number one priority, and to see a suburb’s safety improve so much in a year is great to see.

Hopefully too, it means more Carlton residents and businesses are calling us out for free on-site quotes, or reading our blog!

For all your residential, domestic, automotive and emergency locksmith services in Carlton, remember to contact Amalgamated Locksmiths today.