Keyless entry systems have been around for a while. You may be driving a car with a keyless entry. So why not install them in your home or office?

Turning keys to lock doors may offer a sense of safety. But digital security makes your property secure while enhancing your quality of life.

Here are the main benefits of keyless entry for residential and commercial properties:

Benefits for Homeowners

Some solid reasons to make your home keyless include:


Traditional locks have their benefits, but you always have to carry your keys around. And then you need to make spares in case you misplace a key. And what happens if you lose your key?

All these problems go away when you install keyless entry locks. You can also pair your keyless entry system with a smartphone application. Or go for fingerprint scans, pins, or passcodes. Depending on your keyless system, you can even have an automatic locking feature. 


Repeated use of locks also deteriorates traditional locks over time. Faulty locks require extra maintenance and may also restrict your access temporarily. Moreover, faulty locks are easy to break open by burglars. 

Emergency Access

Since keyless entry relies on electricity, what happens during a power failure? Will you be locked out/in?

Electronic locks have emergency key override, so the lock can still be operated without power. 

Benefits for Business Owners

Commercial buildings can also benefit from keyless entry in the following ways:

Enhanced Security

Keyless system alerts and monitoring offer enhanced security for commercial properties. It is also safer and more efficient than handing out individual keys, adding to maintenance costs. 

Discreet Access 

These security systems can also provide entry for multiple employees at a time at the company’s discretion. Simply share the code or any other type of keyless entry and worry no more! It will also help you see who attempted to access the office, and their time and location. 

Save Money (in the long run)

Although installing keyless entry may seem expensive upfront, consider it a long-term investment. 

For one thing, you don’t have to pay a locksmith every time there’s a security breach or a lock becomes faulty. And contrary to popular opinion, keyless entry will not increase your insurance premiums. 

These are some of the best keyless entry benefits. But remember that even the best digital security system is worthless on a flimsy and rusty door. So consider upgrading your door to make the most of your keyless entry.