Preston is a dynamic and inclusive suburb less than 10 km from Melbourne CBD. The community includes families with roots in the area as well as immigrants, professionals, and young couples. Located within the City of Darebin local government, the suburb has a population of 33,790 as per the last census.

If you are planning to move to Preston or buy property there, you may consider going over these crime stats. Also, consider making your home or business safer by hiring a locksmith in Preston.

A Safe Suburb

Preston is one of the safest suburbs in Melbourne. Along with an inclusive population, the area features a range of lifestyle options including restaurants, trendy bars and cafés. 

One of the best features is the extensive public transport system that covers the suburb. And it continues to be a desirable location in terms of property. 

Preston crime stats from the last decade show that criminal activity has decreased during this period. 

Crime in Preston Over the Years

The latest statistics from the Crime Statistics Agency Victoria report a total number of 3,024 criminal incidents in 2022. This is less than last year when almost 3600 crimes were reported in the suburb. 

Criminal activity has also gone down compared to the last year in other Melbourne suburbs like Reservoir, Preston, Northcote, Thornbury, and Bundoora. 

Preston Criminal Stats 2022

Recent Preston Crime Stats 2022

  1. Theft – 1271
  2. Deception – 248
  3. Burglary/ Break and Enter – 191
  4. Breaches of Orders – 279
  5. Property Damage – 229
  6. Robbery – 17

Compared to our last data from our previous Crime Stats 2019 blog:

  1. Theft – 1832
  2. Deception – 368
  3. Burglary/ Break and Enter – 390
  4. Breaches of Justice Orders – 267
  5. Property Damage – 271

Data also shows that crimes inside residential properties have also gone down. That said, homeowners are still advised to exercise caution and install good-quality locks and security systems by a qualified Preston locksmith.

Also, remember that crime stats for Preston or any other suburb don’t always tell the whole story. After all, Melbourne was ranked the 5th safest city in the world by Economist when the CBD had the state’s highest crime rate. Overall, crime in the area has gone down considerably. And as new people settle here, it will become even safer. 

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