As your local Kew locksmith, we are happy to provide you with the latest crime stats in Kew so that you can see how they compare to those from 2020. Understanding the current crime stats in your suburb means that you can ensure that your home and business are well protected from potential criminals.

About Kew

Kew is a nice, leafy suburb not that far from the CBD but far enough away to offer a more relaxed and quiet lifestyle. There’s plenty of shopping and a lot of nice restaurants and eateries that are enjoyed by residents.

What stands out as you traverse the streets around Kew are the lovely period homes that sit alongside more modern prestigious properties. The streets are lined with trees that provide a feeling of peace and well-being.

The suburb is popular with families thanks to the abundance of parks, gardens and other recreational facilities. Plus, Kew is close to the Yarra River for those interested in boating or leisurely walks along the riverbank.

For those who need to travel to the city, public transport is available in the form of trains and buses.

Crime Stats

The current crime stats were collated by the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria. These outline the crime rates for our suburb in focus and are provided to you by your premier locksmith in Kew.

Types of CrimeKew Crime Stats 2023Kew Stats 2020
Burglary/ Break & Enter137144
Breaches of Justice Order7258
Property Damage8368

From these stats, we can see that there’s been a significant drop in both theft and robbery in the suburb. No doubt, this is because Kew residents and business owners are now more security conscious and have taken steps to fully secure their properties and business assets.

Of slight concern is the rise in property damage and breaches of justice orders. However, the incidences of property damage could be reduced by installing better security cameras and alarm systems to scare off would-be intruders.

In Summary

If you live in Kew or have a business in the suburb, the current crime stats would suggest that you should take a closer look at your security system to ensure that you and your business are well-protected.

If you think your system could do with an upgrade, contact our commercial locksmith who can advise you on the latest access control systems that may help protect you from damage and security breaches.

We are your premier locksmith in Kew and are happy to help you with all the advice that you need to keep your home and business safe and secure.