Our Melbourne CBD locksmith has received a copy of the latest crime stats and we’re pleased to share these findings with our readers. It’s vitally important for our locksmith in the Melbourne CBD to keep up to date with what’s happening in the city crime-wise so that our customers can be armed with the best possible security solutions for their premises.

Melbourne has long been regarded as Australia’s most livable city and residents can certainly understand why. The CBD is alive with an impressive range of shops, restaurants, cafes and parks and gardens.

It’s also the only major city in the country that still has a fully functioning and extensive tram system. This makes getting around the city and nearby suburbs so easy for people who live and work here.

In Melbourne, there’s something to do every minute of the day and night with a huge range of entertainment venues and outdoor sporting and leisure facilities. In a nutshell, Melbourne has it all and if you live close to the city, you’re unlikely to spend much time at home.


Crime Stats

The current crime stats were collated by the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria. These outline the crime rates for our suburb in focus.

Types of CrimeMelbourne CBD Crime Stats 2022Melbourne CBD Stats 2019
Burglary/ Break & Enter672781
Breaches of Justice Order12371515
Property Damage843565

Surprisingly, the crime stats for the CBD have declined in almost all types of crimes over the last four years. This would indicate that business owners and those who reside in the city have become much more aware of needing the latest in security systems to protect their premises.

It would also suggest that our Melbourne CBD locksmith has been kept busy installing new locks as well as access control systems to the major commercial centres around the city.

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