You leave your home to go to work and rush out the door. But did you lock the back door? Are the windows shut? Sometimes securing your home is a series of automated steps, and other times we are so busy we forget to check our home security.

There are a lot of ways for opportunists to gain access to your property. That’s why it’s important to make sure you know the access points in your home where thieves might take advantage.

Unlocked windows and doors

Believe it or not, according to the AIC (Australian Institute of Criminology), open doors and windows are the most common way for burglars to access your home.

If you’re in the habit of leaving windows and doors open when you’re at home, you may be prone to forgetting to lock them when you go out. Remember your insurance can be affected if your home is robbed when it has been left unlocked.

Close your garage for home security

Ensure you close your garage door before you drive away. Your garage not only stores your possessions, it’s also the perfect way in for a burglar. Keep in mind the garage internal door is much easier to break into than an external door.


Check your gates, sheds and fences

Make sure your gates are secure and any holes in fences or missing palings are fixed. This makes it just that much harder for an opportunist to take advantage. Install padlocks to gates and sheds, and check these locks regularly to make sure they are in working order and haven’t been damaged.

Lighting for home security

Turn your outdoor lights on when you’re not home at night. It’s a simple yet effective way to deter people from your property. Take the opportunity to install sensor lighting above gates for added protection. Note: Don’t let your garden overgrow. This becomes a perfect place for burglars to hide.

Hiding spare keys outside

Never hide a spare key on your property. It may seem like a simple solution if you forget your keys, lock yourself out, or have a friend drop by, but it’s an open invitation for a robbery.

Keep your valuables out of sight

Get into the habit of putting away your valuables when you leave your home. Most robberies are not planned, so if a passer-by notices your belongings, it may take them only five minutes to break in and run out with your valuables.

It’s easy to forget the simple rules of home security, especially if you are busy or distracted. But it is always a good idea to check over your property to see if you can improve any aspects of your home security.


Amalgamated Locksmiths home security

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