This month our suburb in focus is North Melbourne. This suburb is on the fringe of Melbourne’s CBD with a distinct café lifestyle. Its streets are lined with Victorian terrace houses with a contemporary twist of modern builds dotted throughout.

For a suburb so close to the city, it still maintains a neighbourly feel with a mix of singles, professionals and couples of diverse backgrounds. Access to the city is easy via the trams, buses and North Melbourne train station. The suburb has everything you need from entertainment, markets, boutique stores, cafes and bars.


It’s important to take into consideration crime rates when moving into an area, or deciding to move out of a suburb. So, let’s look at the most recent crime stats for North Melbourne. We take our statistics from the Crime Statistics Agency Victoria (CSV), the official crime statistics reporting agency in Victoria which indicate the rates for 2019 at the time of publishing.

Top Five Offences in North Melbourne so far for 2019 are:

  1. Theft – 409  
  2. Deception – 94                                          
  3. Burglary/Break in – 128                            
  4. Assault and related offences – 114         
  5. Disorderly and Offensive Conduct – 70  

While we still have a few months of the year left, the top offence is theft. If we are to break theft down further, we can see that there were 27 reports of theft from a retail store, 64 motor vehicle thefts and 61 bicycle thefts.

The second highest offence, burglary and break-in, shows us that so far there has been 57 cases of residential non-aggravated burglary and 56 reports of non-residential non-aggravated burglary in North Melbourne.

Last year (2018) the burglary rate in North Melbourne was 1 in 102 homes, and 1 in 72 the year prior (2017) according to the RACV Victorian Burglary Statistics. With a 30 home increase of burglary across the year, it makes it even more important to ensure that your home is safe.


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