Having now secured your windows, front door and back door, it is worthwhile checking how else you can secure your home. To this end, we propose our Top Six Home Security Must-Haves.

Good quality locks on all doors and windows

It won’t surprise you to know that our first home security must-have is good quality locks on all windows and outside doors. Previously, we have recommended the Lockwood 001Touch range for these locks and we continue to do so.

Locks secure entryways when they are not in use to make them as solid and wall-like as possible. The longer it takes for a crim to break in, the less likely they are to do so. So not only does a lock slow down the process of burglary, it also reduces the likelihood of burglary taking place. This is why our first must-have is a lock!

Sensor lights

Choosing a light that only turns on when there’s movement keeps your bills low and highlights – literally! – when there may be a prowler afoot.

A motion-detector light makes movement more noticeable. Rather than having a light always on, a sensor will illuminate the space only when your attention perhaps ought to be drawn to it. The sudden illumination of an area will trigger attention far better than a shadow across a curtain or trespasser’s subtle flashlight.

A well-placed sensor light will expose not only where a prowler may be but also anywhere they may wish to hide. By illuminating the whole space, unwelcome guests have less time and less privacy to invade, increasing your home security.

An outside light source makes it harder to see in as well. If inside is dark and outside is light, those inside your home can see out but those outside can’t see in. This is the basis for two-way mirrors. If there is a prowler in your yard and your sensor light goes off, the inside will be able to see out but the outside won’t necessarily be able to see in.

Further, if you wish to scare off neighbourhood beasts of the non-human variety, a sensor light is again the way to go. A sudden light may startle even the four-legged amongst us who may be looking to rummage through your bins or slink through your cat flap.

Fire-rated Home Safe

Should an intruder get through your fortifications, they needn’t have access to your valuables. Should fire be your invader, it needn’t either. We recommend you secure your treasured possessions in a hidden, bolted-down safe.

A fire-rated home safe is a good location for important documents like birth certificates, wills and passports. Modern safes can even protect your digital devices like hard drives and laptops from fire and humidity.

With a safe, you know where your important things are. You do. Burglars won’t. And if they find your hiding spot, they still won’t be able to access your treasured possessions. Your jewels are safe. Your documents are safe. You’re safe with your safe.


CCTV may seem an uncommon choice for home protection, and it is true we sell more of it to our commercial clients than we do our residential, but with ever-evolving technology and simplicity, CCTV is becoming increasingly common for home security.

No longer do properties require large security offices to view their CCTV footage, with separate screens for each camera. Now you can check your perimeter from your smart phone!

CCTV makes it easier to catch a thief. Their faces might be on record already, which will help in ID’ing them. The increased likelihood of the intruder getting caught reduces the chances of them trying.

Having CCTV cameras, signs and technology around your house also acts as a deterrent. The more secure your home looks, the less likely an intruder will try to enter it.

A big dog

Dogs may be man’s best friend but they’re a prowler’s enemy. A big dog is another deterrent, and prevention is the best protection. A big, heavy growl may be enough to ward off intruders. A scary bark can act as an alarm before the prowler has even crawled through a window.

Perimeter Protection

Home security begins at the gate: if they can’t get into your yard, they can’t get into your house. If your fence is secure, and your gates are padlocked, you’ll make it harder for crims to break in. Either they will have to climb over your front gate auspiciously or go through your neighbour’s yard and vault over your fence. The more work they have to put in to burgle you, the less likely a criminal will.

Padlocks are a part of perimeter protection. Make sure your property’s entranceways, such as gates, are as secure as any other door.

Our six security must-haves are:

  • Good quality locks on doors and windows
  • Sensor lights
  • Fire-rated home safe
  • CCTV
  • Big dog
  • Perimeter protection

Join us next week when we will be discussing side door security. Until then, if you would like an on-site quote, contact us to secure your property, home or business!