As part of our series on home security, in which we have previously discussed front door, window, and back door security, we now present you with our recommendation for side door security: the Lockwood Onyx Patio Sliding Door Lock. We recommend pairing this state-of-the-art device with an additional lockable patio bolt for increased security.

Sliding doors are great space optimisers. Essentially large windows, they also flood your home with sunlight and are the best type of doors for maximising your view. They also present a number of safety concerns. Their locks are often small and easier to pick. They are often left unlocked. As much as they show off the view to those inside, they show off what’s inside to any outsiders. In terms of home security, the sliding side door can be a real red flag area.




For the ultimate in side door security, we recommend the Lockwood Onyx Patio Sliding Door Lock and a lockable patio bolt.

The Lockwood Onyx Patio Sliding Door Lock


The Lockwood Onyx Patio Sliding Door Lock features the brand’s trademark LockAlert indicator. Rather like a car lock, the LockAlert indicator lets those inside know the status of your patio lock, whether it be a locked lock or an unlocked lock, with a glance. Elegantly hidden above the inner handle, the indicator is a small red tab that appears when the lock is active. Being able to check your locks at a glance saves time in the morning rush or the nightly lockdown when you’re either too time- (or energy-) poor to double check all your locks and latches.

Anti-Slam Features

The Lockwood Onyx Patio Sliding Door Lock includes anti-slamming technology. Sliding doors aren’t as compatible with door closers as their hinged counterparts. This doesn’t mean they need them any less. Slamming a door can damage its lock. Beaks, the clasp on the inside of the door, can be weakened when slammed. The Onyx’s Door Close Detect (DCD) feature ensure that the door is closed before the lock can be activated.

Retrofittable and non-handed

The C4 cylinder can be rekeyed to match your other door and window locks. The Lockwood Onyx Patio Sliding Door Lock is also non-handed so it can easily fit left- or right-sliding doors. The inner grab can either be a handle, with a clear graspable arm, or a slim inner pull. As standard, these grabs can be white, silver, black or pearl, but other plated or powder-coated finishes are available through special order. A range of stylistic options means that your home’s style need not be sacrificed for its security.


Lockable Patio Bolt

For extra side door security, we recommend also installing a lockable patio bolt. Surreptitious and elegant, these bolts are tucked away in the corner of the inside of the door, concealed from the outside.

The lockable patio bolt is compatible with left- and right-handed hinged or slide doors, either timber or aluminium.

As standard, a lockable patio bolt, like the Lockwood 680 Patio Bolt, comes in a range of finishes. With a zinc-plated exterior and a solid brass cylinder, it is impervious to rust, lengthening its lifespan and ensuring a smoother key entry every time.

Our experienced locksmiths are able to install both the Lockwood Onyx Patio Sliding Door Lock and a range of patio bolts to your home or business for the ultimate in side door security. Contact us for a free on-site quote and to discuss possible security options today.