Christmas is nearing, which means businesses are getting ready for the break. It’s often a busy time with staff under pressure to have work completed before the doors close. But what about the building’s security?

In this blog we look at how you can secure your business over the Christmas break so you feel confident your property and its contents are safe.

Test Your System

Check your security system for any errors, check camera’s, alarms and any potential faults before the Christmas break. Your friendly locksmith can complete a thorough check of your security system to ensure your property is monitored over the break.


Monitor Your Alarm System

It’s important to monitor your security system regularly over the Christmas break. If you have a smart security system, this can be done easily and conveniently from your smart phone. This way you’ll be aware of any strange behaviour.

Be Careful About What Your Post Online

Avoid posting information online about your office closing hours if you are stating that the office will be unattended on certain days.

Don’t Leave Signs with opening hours while You Are Away

Avoid using signage at the front of your business to advertise opening hours. This is an open invitation for opportunist burglars.


Leave lights on

Leave the lights on over the Christmas break. If nothing else, it will help to deter would-be-thieves looking for unattended offices to vandalise.

Secure your business with window protection

Check your property’s windows. Ensure that they all have locks that work and can be secured, even if the window is out of reach.

It’s important to create a secure business when you’re on holidays to ensure your property and business information is well protected.

Amalgamated Locksmiths

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