Forget the door mat, the window sill and making endless copies of keys, the key safe can ensure your home is secure, yet with the convenience of having an onsite key readily available. Here are five situations you can benefit from having one at your home.


If you run short stay accommodation or an AirBnB the key safe will allow you to let guests into your home without the inconvenience of having to find a suitable time to exchange keys.

A key safe for the kids

A key safe is perfect for after school access to the family home. It will give kids the freedom of letting themselves into the house without the worry of keeping a set of keys in a safe place all day.


Convenience of a key safe

Guests will never be waiting outside. The key safe will give visitors the opportunity to sit inside comfortably with a cup of tea if you’re running late.


In the case of an elderly or unwell person staying with you, emergency services can let themselves into the home to offer them assistance if there is an unfortunate event.

Never be locked out

The key safe can be secured to an external wall of your home with wall brackets, hung like a padlock or mounted flush in a wall. So you’ll never be locked out of your home again.


So which key safe is best?

They vary in styles and functionality, so what do you look for in a key safe?

How many keys can it store?

Some of the larger safes can hold up to seven keys , yet smaller ones hold two or three keys.

What is the length of access code?

Most have programmable buttons to create and reset codes. The length will vary yet some are up to 10 digits long.

Will it stand the test of time?

Most key safes are rust proof, weather-resistant, and often have an interlocking faceplate with an internal weather-proof rubber sleeve.

As there are so many options, so ensure you choose the right key safe for your needs.

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