Living in an apartment can feel secure, yet it comes with a lot of the same security risks as a house. While it may not be on the top of your to-do-list, protecting your belongings, and yourself, doesn’t need to be costly. Here are some simple ways to keep your apartment secure.


Security doors are closed

Entry doors to an apartment foyer or common area act as a great safety device for the building. However, it only works if this door is kept closed. Ensure it’s not propped open and the locks are functioning. If not, ensure you report it to your real estate agent or strata company to have the issue resolved.

Close the blinds

Remove any temptations and close your blinds when you leave your apartment. Leaving your apartment open to prying eyes can, unfortunately encourage passers-by to take the opportunity to break in.

A home safe

It is the ideal way for jewellery, cash and important documents to remain secure. However, ensure your home safe is hidden from view and, if you can, fix it to the ground or solid furniture like inside a wardrobe.


Befriend neighbours to keep your apartment secure

Your neighbours can be the best way to ensure your apartment is secure. They can alert you to any suspicious behaviour and look out for any movement in your apartment when you’re on holiday’s. So, remember to be friendly!

Motion sensors

Install wireless motion sensors over windows or areas of the apartment you feel may be a target. The motion sensor will alert you when windows are opened – often it is this noise of the alert that will scare the perpetrator away.

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