There are plenty of options when it comes to securing your property’s side gate, yet they may not all suit your existing gate or situation. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot alter you gate to upgrade your security. So, what are the ways you can secure your side gate?



Keyed padlock, keyed latches or combination padlocks are an easy and cost effective solution to secure your side gate. Padlocks can be secured by a padbolt or chain and do a good job of deterring anyone from trying to enter your backyard.

Keyed Levers

A side gate can be fitted with a keyed handle or lever depending on what existing gate you have. Unlike a padlock, this type of gate security ensures that the gate is always locked when you close it behind you. You may also wish to add a deadbolt for additional security.


Deadbolts are the perfect way to add security to a gate with or without an existing handle or lever entry. Fitting a deadbolt to a gate takes more effort than a padbolt, however, it is a more effective security device.  


Keyless entry

Keyless entry to a gate provides both convenience and flexibility. They can be electronic or mechanical however both eliminate the risk of carrying keys with you, plus it gives you the ability to change the security codes when you feel your security is at risk.

Other ways to secure your side gate

It is important to note that although securing your gate is extremely important, there are other steps involved in making your side gate secure.

  • Ensure there are no shrubs covering the visibility of the gate
  • Do not leave item such as wheelie bins, boxes, ladders near the gate to be climbed
  • Install lighting above the side gate
  • Finally, remember to close and lock the gate. A lock is useless if you leave the gate wide open.

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