This month our Suburb in Focus is Melbourne CBD. Melbourne is rich with history, cultural and an enviable inner-city lifestyle.


This progressive city is packed with shopping, cafes, bars and entertainment. But it’s the cobbled streets, graffitied alleyways, coffee culture and upbeat vibe that make this city so desirable. The Yarra river, and series of gardens and parks that surround the CBD give both locals and visitors a wide variety of outdoor activities to keep busy.

Public transport around the CBD is most convenient on the tram, which is free within the CBD zone. Buses, trams and trains are extremely frequent, making it an extremely accessible destination.

There are endless events within the CBD and many, like the Melbourne fringe festival, Melbourne comedy festival and the Australian Open, draw crowds from all around the world.

However, the Melbourne CBD isn’t immune to crime. But our job as locksmiths is to look at the crime rate and determine the level of security required to keep safe.

This is how our Suburb in Focus, Melbourne CBD rates.

Every month we take the crime stats from Crime Statistic Victoria (CSV), the official crime statistics reporting agency of Victoria.

The last time we covered the Melbourne CBD in May 2018 and these were the results:

  1. Theft – 5298
  2. Disorderly and Offensive conduct – 1942
  3. Breaches of orders – 1886
  4. Deception – 1677
  5. Assault and related offences – 1626

Here is how the Melbourne CBD compares with results from Sept 2019.

  1. Theft – 4718
  2. Disorderly and Offensive conduct – 1634
  3. Breaches of orders – 1861
  4. Deception – 1595
  5. Assault and related offences – 1413

Offences in Melbourne’s CBD is expected to be extremely high in comparison to other suburbs as it’s the state’s hub. These results indicate that the crime rate is lower in all categories thus far and it’s unclear of the reason.

It may be greater police presence, reduced rate of homelessness or less offences reported. It’s hard to determine from these statistics.

If you live in Melbourne’s CBD, run a business in the suburb or are visiting the area, be proactive with your property and personal security.

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