Key cutting may seem like a common and simple exercise. However, if you require one to be cut, you want to ensure you’re receiving a reliable service and a good quality product. So, this is what you need to know about key cutting.


The quality of the key

The quality of the key goes hand in hand with the experience of the key cutter. If a key does not fit the lock or work correctly, it is likely an inexperienced key cutter made the following mistakes:

  • Mal-aligned when cut
  • Not clamped correctly
  • Cut too deep or
  • Cut too shallow,

These can all contribute to a cut that is sub-par and a faulty product.

Trust the key cutting service

It takes trust to hand over your keys to a stranger. That’s why it’s important to choose a service provider that has good customer reviews and the initial contact you have with them is friendly and helpful.

The type of key

Some types of secure keys cannot be copied. They may require special cutting services or a specific locksmith to provide a copy of the key. For example, security keys such as master key systems require a formal process to access copies of the keys.


Always duplicate the original key

A duplicate will never be as good as the original key, that’s why it is important to always cut from an original key. A duplicate key is also limited to the amount of copies you can make before issues arise.

If the key breaks in the lock, call a locksmith. Our 24 hour emergency service locksmiths can help you round the clock.

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