When it comes to your commercial property security, it’s important to consider all aspects of the building. They’re many options available to ensure that your property is safe, however not all business work in the same way.


That’s why a tailored quote is usually required to keep you and your staff safe at work. So, here are a few options to take in to account when searching for the right commercial property security for you.

Salto security system

This popular choice is a simple yet efficient access control system. It’s a battery-powered electronic system for both commercial and residential buildings with high quality access control without intrusive or costly wiring systems.

Aperio Access control

Aperio allows different users varying levels of access without the need for multiple keys. This system uses real-time access control, it can be retrofitted to most locks and due to its wireless system, there is no need for wiring.

Restricted key security systems

Restricted key security systems are popular in office buildings where there are a lot of people coming and going. The keys for the system are registered by a locksmith and not able to be duplicated making the system extremely secure. In addition, all keys are identified with key issue numbers and a written and signed authority letter is required to request extra security keys.

Deadbolts and deadlatches for Commercial Property Security

If you require a simple, effective and yet affordable security solution, deadbolts and deadlatches are the ideal way to add extra security to your commercial property. Amalgamated Locksmiths have a wide range of deadbolts and deadlatches to suit most commercial applications.


CCTV and alarms

Not only can CCTV camera’s and alarm systems deter would-be thieves but they can also keep a record of what is happening in and around your commercial property. Both hard-wired and wireless CCTV security systems are available for your commercial property.

Having a professional to help you map out the ideal layout for your security cameras and offer you advice on your specific situation will ensure that your property is sufficiently monitored.

Why Choose Amalgamated Locksmiths for Commercial Property Security?

Amalgamated Locksmiths offer a wide range of commercial lock and security solutions. With over 30 years of experience in commercial security, our team of lock and security specialists will work with you to develop and implement the most effective security system for your company.

By tailoring our security solutions specifically to your business, we can ensure you that your commercial property is as safe as possible.

Working with leading security companies, Amalgamated Locksmiths are well-placed to provide our clients with the latest, safest and simplest security systems.