This week, the Amalgamated Locksmiths team discuss all things key cutting, including what keys we can cut, key cutting alternatives and the importance of choosing qualified key cutters.

Key Cutting in Collingwood

We offer a key cutting service out of our retail shop in Collingwood. From duplicating car keys to cutting restricted keys to Abloy key cutting, our key cutters can cut almost any key.


Everyday house keys can be cut in about 60 seconds and we guarantee our keys. We can cut about 95% of keys on the market, including restricted keys (provided it is registered to us — our logo will be stamped on its head). A number of clients are surprised to learn we can also duplicate car keys. In fact, getting locked out of a car is one of the most common reasons are automotive mechanics are called out. They recommend making sure you have a copy of your car key.


House keys, filing cabinet keys, letter box keys, mortice lock (old-fashioned) keys, restricted and master-key system keys, there’s almost no limit to the kinds of keys our key cutters can cut. Quick, guaranteed and affordable, Amalgamated Locksmiths have been cutting Melbourne’s keys for over 33 years.

Key Cutting Tips

Many people who cut keys are not locksmiths and their machines are not regularly serviced. Going to unqualified key cutters, or using machines that are not kept in pristine condition can cause flaws to appear in your keys, making them less effective. So we recommend always going to a professional key cutter for guaranteed quality key.


You can duplicate house keys as often as you like, but imagine a key cutting machine like a photocopier: you can photocopy the original as many times as you need, but the more you copy the copies, the less accurate your copies can become. We recommend always cutting from the original key so that your duplicates are only ever second-generation copies.


Do you keep needing to get replacement keys cut?

If you find yourself regularly getting lost keys replaced, there are alternatives. We’ve written previously about a client’s experience with a Kidde keysafe, but there are also keyless options for modern homes and businesses. Digital and mechanical locks, for example, are great ways to make sure you never need to remember your keys again.


Businesses with multiple employees have found access control and digital key systems a great way to cut down on keys. For domestic clients, we recommend the Lockwood 001Touch, an affordable, digital solution to home security that can be retrofitted to most locks.


Another alternative is to have us install a Salto system, in which doors are unlocked using a fob instead of a key. This is a great alternative for clients with difficulty manipulating keys or for locks that need to be opened several times a day.


Talk to us today about what solution may be right for your home or business. Working with you, our mobile mechanics will discuss your key cutting needs during your free onsite quote.


Feel like you have too many keys? Amalgamated Locksmiths have a solution

Keying alike is a popular option for clients who don’t want to carry lots of keys. Locks that are keyed alike are retroactively rekeyed so that the one key will open multiple locks. It saves cutting new keys for several different locks, simplifying security systems for our clients.


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If you have any questions about key cutting, key alternatives or about your home, business or automotive security, why not contact us today? Amalgamated Locksmiths have been working with the Melbourne community for over 33 years, delivering cutting edge key and security options to residents and business in the city and inner suburbs.