Amalgamated Locksmiths have been supplying Melbourne with locksmith and security installation services for over 33 years. We are committed to combining cutting edge security technologies with our decades of experience to develop the highest quality security installation services for Melbourne homes and businesses. Salto Systems launched in 2001 as a manufacturer of simple, secure access control systems. Since then, we have been recommending, installing and maintaining its security products for both residential and commercial clients.

The Salto Brand

In 2001, Salto Systems sought to establish themselves as a simple and efficient, world-class access control system. Their standalone, battery-powered electronic locks meant that buildings, both commercial and residential, could have state-of-the-art access control systems installed without intrusive and costly wires running from room to room, floor to floor or, in some cases, building to building.


In 2017, Salto’s complete and reliable wireless lock networks can be found in offices, banks, universities, stores, retirement and assisted living homes, airports, healthcare practices, schools, government buildings, hotels and homes.

Our Salto Products

We offer a range of Salto products, including Clay, a cloud-based security package that owners can access on any device. Clay allows owners in real time to monitor and control their locks remotely. Owners of Clay-enabled buildings have the ability to unlock doors, be notified when specific users open a door, and alter users’ access in real time. Using Salto’s wireless technology, doors are fitted with wirelessly-enabled locks. Wireless technology means that installers do not need to run extensive cabling throughout the building, minimising costs without compromising security.


To find out what Salto products are right for your home or business, contact us today. A qualified locksmith will address all of your concerns and work with you to establish the right security solution for you during your free onsite quote.


Why We Choose Salto

Salto’s wireless security systems are reliable, cost-effective and complete security solutions. By removing the need for messy, extensive cabling, Salto have made access control systems more attractive both financially and physically. Salto locks and escutcheons can be retrofitted to almost any door safely and with minimal fuss.


Because no client’s security issues are the same, installers need a flexible, effective security solution to suit a range of uses and users. As one of the world’s Top 5 electronic access control system manufacturers, Salto provides expert fob-, key- and code-based locks perfect for clients across the spectrum of security requirements, from individual homes to government buildings.


For More Information

If you would like to know more about Salto products, contact us today. Otherwise, why not visit their website? And if you enjoyed this blog on electronic security, you might also enjoy reading some our Top 5 Ways to Remember Your Pin; AirBnB Home Security Solutions; and Restricted Key Systems.