You know what I’m talking about – the morning rush made worse by a misplaced set of keys. The frantic search through your handbag, gym bag or shopping bags – then retracing your steps and checking every nook and cranny of the house. Thankfully you’ve got a spare set…or do you?


Key Cutting Services in Melbourne

Key cutting or key duplication is one of those instances for which you can pre-prepare. Having a spare set of house keys and car keys can come in handy during those stressful and frustrating ‘missing keys’ moments. Spare keys will save you time and money (it’s far cheaper to have a spare set on-hand than to have to call an emergency locksmith to change your locks or help you get into your house – however, we can offer this service too)

Our store in Collingwood offers fast key cutting services for almost any type of key. You name it and there’s a 95% chance we can cut or duplicate it.

  • House keys
  • Car keys
  • Filing cabinet keys
  • Letterbox keys
  • Abloy keys
  • Restricted access keys (if they’re registered to us)

Tips when choosing a key cutting service

  • Use a reputable locksmith to ensure key cutting machines are in top condition
  • Use the original key when copying (if possible)
  • Make sure they offer a Guarantee (you don’t want to arrive home to find the key doesn’t work)
  • Prompt service

Spare Key Storage – What is a Key Safe?

This is a great way to store keys safely – no more hiding your spare key under the doormat or nearest pot plant. If you need to store spare keys on your property, then look no further than this handy little device. It is a fully secure and fire-resistant safe – just for keys (or access cards). These Kidde key safes are rustproof and weather resistant.


Amalgamated Locksmiths

Whatever your security needs, we’re here to help! Give us a call or visit our service page to find our more.