Northcote is a trendy suburb – the cafes, speciality shops and bars give it a spirited atmosphere. It’s a mix of old and new, the biggest complaints from residents are the lack of parking and traffic congestion. However, shops and restaurants are in walking distance and, if you’d like to escape, parks and rivers are nearby. The public transport options are great – you can choose trams, trains or busses. But what about the crime rate? This month we look at the recent crime stats taken from the  Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria (CSA).


Crime in Northcote

The Top 6 Offences in Northcote for 2018 are:

  1. Theft (820)
  1. Burglary/breaking and entering (265)
  2. Property Damage (173)
  3. Breaches of orders (96)
  4. Deception (91)
  5. Assault and related offences (82)


Theft remains the top crime in Northcote for 2018. So far 820 instances of theft have been recorded. The types of theft are as follows:

  • Theft from a motor vehicle – 374
  • Motor vehicle theft – 121
  • Bicycle theft – 85
  • Theft from a retail store – 70
  • Receiving or handling stolen goods – 26
  • Fare evasion – 1
  • Other – 143

If you’re a resident who parks on the street, security cameras outside your house can be a good deterrent to thieves and it will help you monitor the street outside. If you’re a retail store owner, setting up some CCTV cameras in your store will deter would-be thieves. Keeping your bicycles secure in a locked garage or with a bicycle lock is a necessary precaution in Northcote.

Burglary | Breaking and Entering | Property Damage

Second on the list is burglary. This falls into three categories:

  • Residential non-aggravated burglary – 178
  • Non-residential non-aggravated burglary – 85
  • Residential aggravated burglary – 2

Burglars will often target the front door. A normal strategy is to approach a property and ring the bell to check if anybody is home. If not, your property is vulnerable.  A quick perimeter check will determine if there are any open windows or backdoors that can be broken into. If you’re working all day, it is worth your while to invest in security solutions. Not all security solutions need to be high-end to be effective. Deadbolts, window locks, security screens and sliding door locks can be effective in deterring burglars, and of course, surveillance cameras and alarms systems are a great option to stop both break-ins and property damage.

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