There’s no convenient time to be locked out of your house. But some times are less convenient than others.

Imagine this: it’s late at night as your Uber driver pulls into the kerb in front of your house. The street is dark and quiet and the air, which was warm when you left, now causes your breath to mist up as you exhale.

Smiling, you walk up the path to the front door, remembering the evening just passed. Mark was in fine form, as usual, joking around with the bar staff and managing to score you a round of free drinks. And it was great to see Jason and Marie, back from their honeymoon.

You reach a hand into your jacket to grab your keys and… wait, your jacket? You’re not wearing it. You spin around uselessly, imagining you’ve somehow just left it on the path behind you.

But of course you haven’t.

You can see it now, hanging on a hook in the restaurant you’d gone to. It’d been warm and you hadn’t remembered to put it back on when you left to go the bar.

It’s too late now to go back and retrieve it. The staff would have closed up hours ago.

front door, close up of black front door with brass handle

You look up at the darkened windows of your roommate’s bedroom. Of course this would be the weekend they’d decided to go out of town.

And ever since the burglary next door a few weeks ago, you’d stopped leaving the kitchen window unlocked for ‘emergencies’.

A sense of despair washes over you. You’ve got work tomorrow and you need to sleep.

You look down at the phone still in your hand. There’s only one solution.

You search for “24 Hour Emergency Locksmith”.  A result comes up nearby – Amalgamated Locksmith. You call and a friendly voice assures you someone will be there soon.

When the van pulls up, you’re surprised. You’d expected them to take hours. The locksmith is friendly, understanding. He looks at the lock and gives you a quote. While you’d rather not pay anything at all, it’s a lot less than you were expecting considering it’s 1am.

Grabbing his tools he works on the lock. A gentle click tells you it’s unlocked. Relief washes over you as you step inside.

Without a 24 locksmith on call, you’d have been stuck sleeping on the porch or would have had to call up a friend to crash on their couch. And you’d still have the problem of how to get into your house in the morning.

While you’re annoyed at yourself (and silently promise you’ll keep your keys in your jeans pocket where they won’t get left behind) you’re also grateful your locksmith helped you out so promptly.

But now? A warm bed is calling you and you’re happy you’ll still get a good night’s sleep.

Amalgamated Locksmiths provide a full mobile locksmith service for your home security needs. And we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency services – like those late night lockouts – across all areas of Melbourne.