A properly locked door is often the only security you have between the outside world and your valuables.

So when that lock no longer does the job it should do, your family, belongings, and personal information is no longer secure.

When you move into a new home, we recommend you rekey your locks to ensure there are no spare copies of your keys lurking beyond your control.

But there are also many circumstances where we recommend you replace your locks instead. We’ve listed out a few examples below, but if you have any questions about whether you should rekey or replace your locks our local Melbourne locksmiths will be happy to help.


Moving Into a New Home

While in most circumstances all you’ll need to do after moving into your new home is rekey your locks, sometimes this isn’t enough.

Especially in older homes, the original locks are often too weak to properly secure your home against even moderate amounts of force. Often the previous owners will have replaced the lock on the main door with something more secure, but kept the old locks on the back or side door.

The problem is, of course, you can’t guarantee a burglar will just try the front door and give up trying to break into your home. All your entry doors need to be as secure each other to ensure your home and contents are safe.

After a Break In

If you have been unfortunate to have experienced a break-in or an attempted break-in, it’s important to call an emergency locksmith to assess your locks. Even if there doesn’t appear to be much physical damage to your lock from a forced entry, there could be internal damage to the bolt or door frame. If your locks are damaged, it’s important to have them replaced to avoid them malfunctioning or being vulnerable to future break-in attempts.

Inadequate Locks

You wouldn’t chain up your bike with the lock off a children’s diary, but many homeowners basically do just that when it comes to their expensive belongings around the home.

For example, if you’re an avid golfer or a keen DIYer it’s likely you have valuable equipment in your storage shed or garage that would be attractive to someone looking for some quick cash.

However, homeowners often don’t think about these outside areas when it comes to securing their home.

A basic lock found on a standard shed isn’t likely to hold up against much force from a determined burglar. What’s worse, some insurance policies won’t cover your stolen equipment if you have inadequate locks installed.

If you store items in a shed, garage or storage cage, it’s important to make sure you’re using the most appropriate lock you can for the level of security you desire. A locksmith can help you assess what locks you need, and can help you install them on the spot.

We carry a range of locks in all of our vans, so we can replace your locks on the same day and help you keep your family and belongings safe.

Our range of locks and bolts includes deadlocks and deadbolts, window locks and patio bolts, locks for security screens and sliding glass doors and even keyless entry door locks.