We often look at home security through the eyes of the property owner. In the past, we have talked about how to secure your AirBnB property, what locks to install on your front and side door, and what home alarm systems to install. But what about renters? When renting a property, you are less free to modify your home’s existing security. With almost as many Australians renting their homes as owning them outright, it’s important to ask: as a renter, what can I do to secure my home?

To answer this, the Amalgamated Locksmiths team have assembled six home security tips for renters.

1. Do Not Advertise Your Possessions

Anyone who owned a bike as a kid will remember their mother warning them not to leave it in the front yard in case it got stolen. It turns out that this remains good advice in adulthood, and not just for bikes. Valuables left on porches or in yards are easy-pickings for the sticky-fingered, and may lure burglars into your property.

Similarly, valuables left in, or visible from, windows can lure burglars into your home. The easier your possessions are to spot from a window or entranceway, the more likely they are to be taken.

And it’s not just the valuables themselves that tempt thieves. Computer and TV boxes put out on the curb lets others know that you have just made an expensive purchase. Rather than leave the box by the bins, rip it up and recycle it.

2. Lighting

Generally, as a renter, you are unable to make large changes to your property. This does not mean that you cannot increase its security. Maintaining your external lights, or installing easy-to-remove garden lights of your own are cheap ways of securing your property.

Solar-powered garden lights, for example, stick into the ground and can be removed without any damage. Not only do they increase safety, lighting the path during the night, they also make it harder for would-be-thieves to hide on your property. Remember, the fewer chances crooks have to hide, the more likely they are to get noticed by a passer-by or neighbour.

3. Know Your Neighbours

We talk about neighbours quite often on this blog, but that’s because they are an important part of your home security. If anybody is going to notice your home being burgled when you are out, other than your security company, it’s going to be your neighbours. Ask them to keep an eye on your property when you are away. Studies show they’ll be happy to help.

4. Install a Wireless Home Security System

The Yale Easy Fit Home Security System is wireless. This means that your home does not have to undergo any surgery to have it installed, which is good news for renters. Simple to install, this home security system leaves very little damage when uninstalled.

Read more about the Yale Easy Fit Smart Phone Alarm here. The Yale Easy Fit is a great asset to any home, and once you show your landlord Melbourne’s property damage statistics, they might even agree to split the bill!

5. Talk to your Landlord About Updating Your Locks, Doors and Windows

If you notice a malfunctioning or weak lock, make sure your landlord or lessor knows about it. These need to be replaced so that you can feel safe in your home. Good quality locks on all your doors and windows are the first necessity for any secure home.

6. Make Sure You Use Your Locks

An open door doesn’t care who it lets in, so if you have the locks, use them. Secure your premises at night and before you go out!

Remember, Amalgamated Locksmiths are here for all your home security solutions. Contact us for more tips, tricks and domestic locksmith products, including replacement keys and lock repair, and emergency locksmith services.

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