Every month, we break down Melbourne’s suburbs’ crime statistics using data from Crime Statistics Victoria. Last month, we looked at Brunswick’s top offences. This month, before we move on to Coburg, we wanted to spend a little more time in the Brunswick area. We decided to take a look at the two suburbs on either side of Brunswick. So this week, we bring you East Brunswick and West Brunswick’s Crime Statistics.

Collectively, East and West Brunswick have a larger population than Brunswick 3056: East Brunswick has a population of 11,504 citizens; and West Brunswick, 14,159; making a total of 25,603. Combined, this is a population 1,000 citizens greater than the suburb that splits the two, our last month Suburb in Focus, Brunswick. Brunswick 3056 has a population of 24,473.

With a population higher than Brunswick, are the crime stats the same, better, or worse in East and West Brunswick? Our blog team take a look…

Top Five Offences in East Brunswick

The Top Five Offences in East Brunswick for 2017 are:

  1. Theft (385 offences)
  2. Burglary/ Breaking and Entering (110)
  3. Property Damage (73)
  4. Breaches of Justice Orders (43)
  5. Assault (41)

Of the 820 offences recorded in East Brunswick, Theft made up 46.9%; Burglary, 13.4%; Property Damage 8.9 %; and Breaches of Orders 5.2%. In terms of population percentage, Brunswick East had a crime rate of 7.12% — or one crime for every 14 people.

Top Five Offences in West Brunswick

The Top Five Offences in West Brunswick are:

  1. Theft (404 offences)
  2. Breaches of Orders (93)
  3. Burglary/ Breaking and Entering (90)
  4. Property Damage (69)
  5. Assault (54)

Of the 861 offences recorded in West Brunswick, Theft made up 46.9%; Breaches of Orders, 93%; Burglary 10.4%; Property Damage, 8%; and Assault, 6.2%. West Brunswick has a larger population than East and fewer offences recorded. As a percentage of population, the crime rate was 6.08%, or one in every 16.44.

Similarities Between East and West Brunswick’s Crime Statistics

For both East and West Brunswick, Theft was the most commonly recorded crime, making up 46.9% of total crimes reported in both suburbs. Unusually, Burglary was not the second most common crime in West Brunswick. Unlike for East Brunswick, Breaches of Orders was the second most common crime in the West, at 10.8%.

In West Brunswick, there were three more Breaches of Orders in 2017 than Burglary. In East Brunswick, there were 67 more cases of Burglary than Breaches of Orders. But as a percentage of crimes committed, Breaches of Orders occurred twice as often in West Brunswick (10.8%) than in East (5.2%).

West and East Brunswick had very similar crime statistics: Property Damage made up 8% of crimes, and Theft 46.9% for each. There was one crime for every 16 people in West Brunswick (6.08%), and one for every 14 in East Brunswick (7.12%). Of the two, then, West Brunswick was safer, though not by much, than East.

East and West Brunswick v Brunswick

As you may recall from our last Suburb in Focus, Brunswick had a total of 2,808 offences in 2017. Theft, at 1,296 reported incidents, made up 46.15% of these; Burglary, 279, was at 9.9%; Property Damage, 250, 8.9%.

Theft was the most common offence reported in all three suburbs, making up 46.9% of all charges for both East and West Brunswick, and 46.15% in Brunswick 3055.

Burglary, the second most common crime reported in both East Brunswick and Brunswick 3056 had a percentage of 13.4% in East Brunswick, 9.9% in Brunswick 3056, and 10.4% in West Brunswick. Although it had the lowest percentage in Brunswick 3056, this is where the highest number of Theft cases were reported, at 279 offences this year.

Property Damage for all three suburbs was between 8 and 9%, with East Brunswick and Brunswick sharing the exact same percentage of Assault charges: 8.9%.

For Brunswick 3056, there was a crime reported for every 8.7 people.

Assault in Brunswick

Although West Brunswick has the lowest number of incidents reported, it had a higher level of Assault than either East Brunswick or Brunswick 3056. The 54 cases of Assault reported meant that West Brunswick had an assault rate of 6.2%, the highest of the three, with Assault accounting for 5.1% of all offences in Brunswick East and 5% in Brunswick 3056.

What’s the Take-Home Message?

If you live in Brunswick 3056, East Brunswick or West, the crime you are most likely to experience is Theft. We recommend securing your home, business and vehicle against Theft, firstly, by making sure you have high-quality locks on all your doors and windows.

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